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Farewell Comrades

Farewell Comrades

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There was some circularity in being born in Edmonton, experiencing so many ups and downs becoming the local Councillor. 150 years after my descendants arrived in the Far North Queensland, there was more inequality than ever before. Our First Peoples remain deeply disadvantaged. Many minority groups still suffer under the heel of a capitalist superstructure that demeans and devalues them. As long as those in leadership positions continue to support capitalism and neoliberal policies, things will not improve.

I am proud of my record of political activism – on Council, in State Parliament, and in my community.

Generational Change

As I aged it caused me to reflect that our generation of progressive warriors. We had failed to save our environment from destruction and protect disadvantaged people in our community. However, the battles we fought matter,  even if we did not win the war.

These issues are all consistent with and in some respects dependant on success in the battle for Socialism.

The work we do is about standing up to the force of darkness, no matter how difficult the fight. In the words of Chris Hedges, “I do not fight fascists because I will win. I fight fascists because they are fascists”. Tony Benn put it best when he said, “Every generation has to fight the same battles, again, again, and again. There is no final victory and there is no final defeat.”

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