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Blackfellow Creek now Bana Gindarja Creek

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Blackfellow Creek Name Changed

Blackfellow Creek is in Edmonton in tropical Far North Queensland. It is in the traditional country of the Gimuy Walubara Yidinji people.

Local and State officials proposed that the name of Blackfellow Creek be changed to honor Indigenous history and culture, providing more accurate representation of local Indigenous peoples.


In 2021 Cr. Rob Pyne (self-described Champion of the Underdog) had a resolution passed that the name of the creek be changed from Blackfellow to a more appropriate name, to be selected by the traditional owners.

History of Blackfellow Creek

The creek was giving the name during the European invasion of the 19 century. However by the 21st century an increasing number of people were considering the name inappropriate.

Bana Gindarja Name

The name change brings important recognition to the original Indigenous inhabitants of the area. Respect for Indigenous heritage is a fundamental part of reconciling past wrongs and making sure that Indigenous rights and culture continue to be respected in this area. With this change, officials hope to demonstrate their commitment to honouring Indigenous history and culture and recognising the importance it has had on the region’s development.

Cr. Rob Pyne spoke about why this change is important and what it means for the community. He said, The old Blackfellow Creek name comes from times when many people were described and judged according to the colour of their skin. However today we judge them on the quality of their character. Further the new name Bana Gindarja celebrates aboriginal culture, and that is something I would like to see a lot more of.

Responding to criticism he was woke Cr. Pyne responded. “Yes, if woke is being respectful, you bet I am!”

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