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Cairns Waterways

Cairns creeks are an important part of the wet tropics, from the upper reaches of the Mulgrave River to the salty mouth of the Barron River.

Creeks in the tropics can change from a virtually dry river bed to a raging torrent 20 metres deep after just a few hours of torrential rain.

Cairns creeks

Central and North Cairns

There are a number of drains and creeks in this area. Indeed they range from the tiny Lily Creek to the raging Barron River.

West Cairns Creeks

There are a number of drains, creeks and waterways in this part of the city. Copperlode Dam and Lake Morris lie in the Wet Tropics, while Chinaman Creek and Moody Creek make their way from the foothills, through suburban Cairns and into Trinity Inlet.

South Cairns

The Russell and the Mulgrave are the two big waterways south of Cairns.

The Russell River emerges from sourced from the Bellenden Ker Range, below Mount Bartle Frere. It meanders highly as it flows south by east and joins Josephine Creek. It flows east of Babinda and then due north. The river eventually joins with the Mulgrave River, were they both empty there by then salty water into The Coral Sea.

Cairns Creeks Swimming

  • Davies Creek Falls Infinity Pool. Time from Cairns: 1 hour. Walk in: 300m. … •
  • Fairy Falls. Time from Cairns: 30 mins. Walk in: 15 mins. … •
  • Emerald Creek. Time from Cairns: 1 hour 15 mins. Walk in: 1.9km to waterfall. …
  • Crystal Cascades. Time from Cairns: 25 mins. Walk in: 1.5km.

Where do Cairns Creeks Go?

Cairns creeks make their way to the saline estuary and find their way to the Coral Sea.

Those close to Cairns, such as Skeleton, Gordon, Chinaman and Moody discharge into Trinity Inlet.

Crocodiles in Cairns Creeks

Just because you can’t see a crocodile, it doesn’t mean there is not one close by. Crocodiles can stay underwater for more than an hour. Even large crocodiles can be completely concealed in knee-deep water.

Are there crocodiles in Cairns creeks?

Cairns Creeks and waterways are home to crocodiles. Indeed no waterway in northern Queensland should ever be considered crocodile-free. So being crocwise is so important. These animals can eat you.
Cairns creeks crocodiles

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