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Cairns Showgrounds

The main entry to Cairns Showgrounds is located on the corner of Mulgrave Road and Severin Street in Parramatta Park Cairns. These grounds are home to the Cairns Show and many other events.

Cairns Showgrounds Events

Cairns Showgrounds is one of the largest and most popular venues in Far North Queensland. During winter there are a number of events, the most popular of which is the Cairns Show, featuring rides and stalls.

This annual agricultural shows featuring all types of livestock such as cattle, sheep, goats, poultry and more. During summer months, many people visit for special events such as music festivals, markets and fairs.

Cairns Showgrounds Map

The site covers 17 hectares, including large grassed areas, often used for outdoor events. In addition to the grassed area, the area includes bitumen roads, buildings, pop-up shop fronts, stables and campsites.

Cairns Showgrounds
Cairns Showgrounds

Cairns Show Dates

The Cairns Agricultural Show is held at the showgrounds every year. Indeed, it is the largest regional show in Australia. It takes place in July each year and there is a public holiday in Cairns to celebrate the event.

With a mission of ‘connecting the city to the country’, the show provides family entertainment, competitions, demonstrations to educate and amuse, thrilling rides and fun stalls.

How many days is the Cairns Show?

The Cairns Show is a 3 day event. It is held on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in the month of July.Cairns Show

When is the next Cairns Show?

The next Cairns Show will be held on Wednesday 17th, Thursday 18th and Friday 19th July 2024.

Cairns Showgrounds Tickets

If you are attending the Cairns Show you can get tickets at the gate upon entry. In the lead up to the Show you can get prices and any other details from the Cairns Show Association.

However, there are a range of events held at the grounds and we have found Cairns Tickets to be a useful website for events taking place in the city.

Battle of Parramatta Park

The land that is now the showgrounds was originally on the very fringe of Cairns and was unimproved swampy ground. From 1909 the Harbour Board pumped dredge spoil into the area to allow the development of these fringe areas. The showgrounds is (and remains) a crown reserve set aside for recreational purposes under the control of the Cairns Show Association.

What has become known as the “Battle of Parramatta Park” took place on the morning of Sunday, July 17th, 1932 in the midst of the Great Depression.

Initially, the Cairns City Council asked unemployed homeless people camping in the showgrounds to vacate the area for the Cairns Show. However, they refused to go. By July many of the town’s people were angry because they could not set up for the show.

On July 17 police were called in to forcibly remove the men from the park, many towns’ people also took part in the hostilities and a riot broke out. However, during the confrontation, which earned the description of the bloodiest and worst ever in the town’s history, blows were traded between police, locals and the squatters.

The more seriously hurt were treated by five ambulance bearers at the scene. While the first ambulance vehicle to leave the ground was said to have conveyed three seriously injured campers for hospital treatment.

Several of those camping at the Cairns Showgrounds were later hospitalised.

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