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Bungalow Cairns is a central Cairns suburb with a population of approximately 2500 people. The suburb is located on the traditional land of the Gimuy Walubara Yidinji people, who refer to Cairns as Gimuy.

The suburb was named Bungalow after the residence of Archdeacon Joseph Campbell. Campbell was a clergymen and agricultural entrepreneur in the early twentieth century.

Bungalow Cairns consists predominantly of single dwelling houses and small industrial blocks of land (there are many small businesses located in the suburb).

The suburb is one of the city’s oldest, with many workers cottages and older buildings remaining. The original red brick post office has been retained. Indeed located in Spence Street, it is a visual reminder of the suburb’s past.

Over recent decades there has also been an increase in building unit development, providing additional residential options close to the Cairns CBD.       

Bungalow Suburb

Statistics indicate the suburb has a high number of adult renters living in single person households.

There is a low proportion of children in the suburb. Overall, 15.1% of the population was aged between 0 and 17, compared with 23.0% across the region.

Overall, 14.4% of households owned their dwelling; 15.9% were purchasing, and 51.5% were renting, compared with 29.2%, 29.1% and 31.4% respectively for Regional QLD.

So Bungalow has a higher than average percentage of renters and a larger percentage of households with 1 person (44.7% compared to 24.9%)

Bungalow Qld Map

Bungalow Cairns Shops

Showground Shopping Centre is located at 157 Mulgrave Road in the suburb of Bungalow. This small retail area is situated nearby to Zarraffa’s Coffee and close to Cash Converters. There are also food outlets, book shop, an op shop and other miscellaneous stores.

Bungalow Cairns shops
Bungalow Cairns Shops


The suburb of Bungalow Cairns is home for many Cairns small businesses. Consequently, these include numerous warehouses and industrial properties.

The Mulgrave Road frontage of the suburb has more retail outlets delivering services direct to the public via a shopfront. However, the heart of the suburb is full of mechanics, small manufacturers, panel beaters, tyre shops, vehicle sales and much more besides.

Bungalow Hotel

The Bungalow Hotel was built in the early 1970s. Located at 200 Aumuller Street, this pub and has been a popular venue to relax for many locals.

The hotel restaurant, Plantations Bar & Grill seats up to 150 people and features a menu built using seasonal produce, including garden fresh herbs and vegetables. Bar meals and snacks is also available daily in the sports bar.

Bungalow Cairns FAQs

Is there a post office in Bungalow Cairns?

There is a post office in Bungalow. It is located at 1/164-170 Aumuller Street, at the intersection of Scott and Aumuller Street. The post code for the suburb is 4870.
Bungalow Cairns Post Office

What is the local council for Bungalow Cairns?

The local Council is Cairns Regional Council.

Is there a community garden in Bungalow Cairns?

There is a community garden in Bungalow Cairns. It is located at the intersection of Spence and Aumuller Streets.

Bungalow Cairns Restaurant

In 2 Thai is the best known restaurant in the suburb. Other venues include Urban Iron Cafe and Takeaway, and Lunch and Munch, both on Scott Street.

In addition to these there is the Newell Street Cafe and Sushi Momiji.

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