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Australian made Green Smart wicking beds are a clever way to grow healthy home vegetables sustainably, using far less water.

These Green Smart beds are a crucial tool for those looking to combat the rising cost of living.

Wicking beds are a self-watering garden method that uses capillary action to pull water up from a source below the garden bed. They enable efficient, effective irrigation while helping to conserve water and protect against wet roots, nutrient leaching, and root disease.

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A wicking bed works by carefully managing the ratio of water to air in the soil. As water is drawn up by capillary action from a reservoir at the bottom of the bed, air from above is pulled down into the soil.

This keeps the roots of your plants moist and oxygenated, while ensuring that excess water stays in the reservoir below. The result is an incredibly efficient garden system with strong, healthy plants and decreased need for irrigation.

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Green Smart Container (cream)

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Not only do wicking beds help conserve water, but they also reduce maintenance and make your plants more resilient. The soil stays fluffier and retains nutrients more easily, meaning you won’t need to replenish the soil as often.

Additionally, the self-regulated water system in a wicking bed helps keep your plants healthier by ensuring that their roots are not overwatered or subjected to extreme fluctuations in moisture levels.

Green Smart pots are manufactured using food grade materials. This makes GreenSmart the perfect way to safely grow your organic vegetables.

Improved Plant Quality and Growth

Growing plants in a wicking bed will lead to bigger, healthier plants. Because of the deep water reservoirs and constant moisture in the soil, plants are able to access water more easily, leading to better growth and quality.

It also reduces the need for heavy watering or fertilizing because the deep roots can access moisture and nutrients below the normal surface level. The warmer temperatures of wicking beds also encourage faster germination and growth.

Water Savings

What is a wicking bed?

Wicking beds are pots or containers with water reservoirs in the bottom. So these self-watering pots allow you to water plants from below. Moisture is drawn up through the soil from below.wicking bed

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