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Grow Indoor Plants for Wellbeing

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Why Grow Indoor Plants?

Grow indoor plants for health as an alternative to an air-purifier. They are a natural, attractive alternative that is good for wellbeing. So we are here to answer your questions about why you should keep indoor plants. However there are two big reasons, health and appearance.

Grow Indoor Plants for Health

Can Indoor Plants improve the air?

Some indoor plants can absorb toxins from the air. The air clearing benefits of plants can be utilised in enclosed spaces where there is little air flow.

Do indoor plants oxygenate the air?

Like other plants, indoor plants remove excess carbon dioxide while increasing the oxygen levels in the air.

Can Indoor plants improve mental health?

There is increasing evidence that as well as being good for your physical health, being surrounded by indoor plants is great for your mental health. If you spend a lot of time working from home, you should really grow indoor plants.

Consider Ficus

One of the best species that can be grown indoors to improve air quality, is the ficus. In addition, they are attractive and great for beginners looking to grow indoor plants. So our favourite ficus plants are:

Grow Indoor Plants to Brighten up your Home

Many people enjoy living and working around greenery and nature. Indoor plants improve decor in the home and will make your friends green with envy.

When you make the big move to become an indoor plant lover, please look after your plants. Take time to read our post on indoor ficus care.

Improve Your State of Mind

Furthermore, studies show that people who grow indoor plants experience a physiological calming response by simply being around them. So it is no surprise there is also evidence that growing these plants will make you more productive and creative in the workplace.

In addition, green plants help push stress levels down and morale up! So people coming into your office or home will notice the difference. As a result of your plants they will feel a better vibe and an improved state of mind.

Plants may not only stop you becoming unwell, they may also help you get better. Indeed there is evidence that indoor plants may help people recover from illness quicker and reduce dependency on pain relief medication.

grow indoor plants - mental health
Grow Indoor Plants for Mental Health

So do yourself a favour and get growing now!

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