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Thai Chilli Plant Care

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Thai Chilli Plant

Thai chilli plant care will ensure your plant is healthy and productive. Chillis originated in Mexico and were subsequently introduced to Southeast Asia by the Spanish conquistadors hundreds of years ago.

What are other names for the Thai Chilli?

The “Thai Chilli” is also known as the “birds eye chilli”, “prik khee nu” or “bird pepper”.

Thai chilli plant care

Thai Chilli Plant Care

Location and Soil

Plant in full sun, or at least where the plant will get sun for a good part of the day. Also, plant your seeds in well draining soil. Hence loose soil is a good medium for this plant.

Thai Pepper Seeds

You can propagate from seed.

Time needed: 3 minutes

How to grow Thai chilli plant from seed.

  1. Sowing Seeds

    Sow seeds every 10cm (4in) or so.

  2. Thin

    Thin your seedlings out as required. Make sure your remaining seedlings are approximately 50cm (20in) apart.

  3. Sun and Water

    Plant in full sun. Plants will need water regularly. However, water-logging could kill your tree. Hence we recommended loose well draining soil.

  4. Harvest

    Be patient and wait for the chilies to change colour. When they do change, leave the red pods to hang for at least five days so the fructose, spiciness and aroma can develop.

Thai Chilli Plant Care


Apply a slow release fertiliser at the time of planting. During the wet season we also apply a liquid seaweed fertiliser monthly.


Water regularly, but do not overdo it. During the dry season or tropical winter, your plant is more likely to need you to water it.

Pests and Diseases 

This plant is fairly pest resistant, but it can suffer from aphids, mites and white fly.

However, regular application of ‘white oil’ can help address these pests. Indeed white oil is an effective organic pesticide that you can make at home.

Thai chilli plant care
Thai Chilli Plant

Growing Thai chili peppers in pots

While it depends on your soil and growing location, in the tropics we recommend growing herbs in a pot or a container bed.

However, if you grow your thai chilli plant in a container, choose a container with drainage holes. Also make sure to fill the container with an all-purpose commercial potting soil.

We use a green smart wicking bed. This way if we forget to water it for a while, the plant will still have access to water.

Health Benefits

Weight Loss

Birds eye chilli are known to be helpful with weight loss. This is believed to be due to an increase in metabolism.


Thai Chilli is high in fibre. Hence it has a positive impact on the digestive system.

Immune System

Furthermore, the high levels of vitamins in this plant makes it a valuable boost to your immune system.


This herb is rich in antioxidants (especially in its powder form) that can soothe other digestive issues, like upset stomachs, diarrhea, and cramps.

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