Passion Fruit

Passion Fruit Vine

Introducing Passion Fruit The botanical name for the passion fruit is passiflora edulis. It is a vine species of passion flower, originating in South America (native to Venezuela through Paraguay and northern Argentina). Passion fruit is grown commercially in tropical and subtropical regions for its sweet, seedy fruit. Passion Fruit Varieties The most popular varieties… Continue reading Passion Fruit

Tom Murray Park

Tom Murray car park

Tom Murray Park Tom Murray Park lies off Hardy Road in the Suburb of Mount Sheridan. The below picture shows the park circa 2010. We look at the history of the park and park improvements. Significant improvements have taken place to ensure the park is more accessible and better utilised. History of Park Name The… Continue reading Tom Murray Park

Bill Mills Park

Bill Mills Park

Location Bill Mills Park is located at 16-20 Benjamina Street in Mount Sheridan, just a short walk from the bus stop on George Cannon Drive. It can also be accessed via Benjamina Street. At the fist round-a-bout turn from Forest gardens Boulevard into Benjamina Street. Stay on Benjamina Street until you see the park. Bill… Continue reading Bill Mills Park