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Freshwater Creek

Freshwater Creek Cairns

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Freshwater Creek Qld

Freshwater Creek Cairns, is a tropical stream that has its origins in the rain-forested world heritage area west of the city in Far North Queensland.

Freshwater Creek Cairns
Cairns Freshwater Creek

After this it flows down Crystal Cascades, making its way down the Redlynch Valley and eventually spilling into the Barron River. Indeed it meets the Barron River in the appropriately named suburb of Freshwater.

Freshwater Creek Cairns Map

Freshwater Creek Cairns Swimming

There is a popular swimming hole at Ryan Weare Park, just as the creek passes Kamerunga Road. Indeed the suburb here is named ‘Freshwater’ which is an indication of just how important the water source has been to the local community.

Freshwater Creek is a popular place to take a dip. There are crocodiles in the creek. As the creek heads down through lower freshwater to meet the Barron River, the risk of crocodiles increases.

Freshwater Creek Cairns
Ryan Weare Park

Goomboora Park

Goomboora Park in Brinsmead also provides easy access to Freshwater Creek Cairns. There are many cool swimming spots that exist long the creek providing opportunities for a refreshing swim.

This park has car parks and pathways leading right up to the crystal clear water, so you have easy access and can take the whole family along to enjoy a dip.

The park is also equipped with playground equipment, toilets facilities, car parking and picnic facilities, making it an attractive venue for families.

Freshwater Creek Cairns
Freshwater Creek Cairns

Freshwater Creek Cairns Fishing

Fishing in Freshwater Creek is a popular pastime, with the system known to contain mangrove jack, barramundi and jungle perch.

Freshwater Creek Crocodiles

Fishers and other recreational users of the creek should be very careful when they proceed downstream, as salt water crocodiles are known to frequent the area. Locals and visitors alike are reminded to be croc safe in croc-country.

Are there crocodiles in Freshwater Creek Cairns?

There are crocodiles in the creek, especially in lower Freshwater Creek.

Crystal Cascades

Crystal Cascades is a cascading waterfall located upstream on the Freshwater Creek.

The swimming hole is located just 10 kilometres away from the Red Beret pub in Redlynch.  It a very scenic journey travelling thru this area as it is lush and green.

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