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Fogarty Park Guide 2024

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Fogarty Park Cairns

Fogarty Park is one of Cairns premier green spaces. In addition, it is well maintained and regularly used for celebrations, concerts and important civic events. It is located on the Cairns Esplanade opposite the Pacific International Hotel.

Fogarty Park Map

This recreational green space is located at 42-50 Esplanade. It is one of the many beautiful lush Cairns Parks.

Fogarty Park History and Management

The park was once home to a fountain, which was a circular fountain located where the grassed area currently is.

In 1965 Mr. Fogarty, the Chairman of Northern Australian Breweries, donated a fountain to the City of Cairns. Indeed at the time the Cairns Brewery was an important part of the economy of Cairns.

Subsequently, on 13th October 1965, making the presentation of the fountain, Mr Fogarty said, “All great cities are endowed with fountains and Cairns is destined to become one of the big cities of Australia”.

fogarty fountain
Fogarty Fountain

However, the fountain was removed as part of the redevelopment of the area. Later works included the installation of the Lagoon. This took place in 2003, when the precinct established in its current form.

Fogarty Park is controlled and managed by Cairns Regional Council.

Fogarty Park Fountain
Fogarty Park Fountain

Speaker’s Corner

Firstly, Ray Jones Speaker’s Corner (Speakers Corner) is a celebration of democracy. After all Ray Jones was a former Member for Cairns who valued everybody’s right to expression. Consequently on the north side of the park a plaque on the ground identifies Speaker’s Corner.

Indeed any day of the week, people are entitled to attend Speaker’s Corner to express their views on any issue. Hence this makes it a democratic and quite unique part of the park.

Ray Jones Speaker's Corner plaque
Ray Jones Speaker’s Corner

Fogarty Park Events

This area is a significant event venue for Cairns. Consequently, events held at the park include civic gatherings, concerts and cultural celebrations. So this council managed park is often made available to community organisations seeking to use the space.

Fogarty Park Sound Shell

Indeed as a venue, the park is quite large, with a seating capacity of over 5000 people. Together with the adjacent Cairns Esplanade Precinct (a world-class redevelopment of the area which was officially opened in 2003) it was designed to accommodate concerts and large events.

Fogarty Park stage
Fogarty Park Sound Shell

Fogarty Park FAQs

How can I book Fogarty Park?

If you want to book this space, contact Cairns Regional Council with your request. You can apply online or telephone Council on (07) 4044 3044.

Who was Fogarty Park named after?

The park was named after Mr R. F. G. Fogarty, who was the Chairman of Northern Australian Breweries (now Carlton & United Breweries).

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