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Freshwater Cairns

Freshwater Cairns is a leafy suburb located just south of the Barron River to the north of the city. It has a population of around 2500 people. Once a stand alone town, Freshwater is now part of the greater city.

Freshwater Qld

larger than average percentage of people in the area are employed in health care and social assistance industry.

The suburb also has a higher than average median household income of $2,150. In comparison, Manoora has the lowest median household income of $1,114, while Cairns had a median household income of $1,625.

Freshwater Cairns Map

Freshwater is located in the north of the city, between Mount Whitfield and the Barron River. It is the location where Freshwater Creek meets the Baron River.

Freshwater Cairns things to do

There is heaps to do in Freshwater Cairns. You can check out Freshwater Station and enjoy some of the local parks and green spaces.

There are also a number of local sporting clubs, a world class plant nursery and nearby restaurants. You could also take a walk along a local track and enjoy a dip in Freshwater Creek.

Freshwater Station

The need for a railway from the Herberton mines to the coast, resulted in the construction between Herberton and Cairns. The development of the railway line encouraged land developers to release a land subdivision called Richmond Park Estate near the railway line and Freshwater Creek, which was sold from 1886 with advertising featuring the forthcoming “Richmond Park railway station” 

Today, ‘Freshwater Railway Station’ is a popular departure point for the Kuranda Scenic Railway, which was constructed between 1887 and 1891.

Freshwater Station is a great place to learn about the history of the area. If you like historical buildings, old tools, mining equipment, good food, railway architecture, stamped-panel ceilings or trains, Freshwater Station is worth the visit.

Freshwater Cairns Station
Freshwater Cairns Station

Recreational Space

Two of the main recreational spaces in Freshwater are Ryan Weare Park and the Freshwater Tennis Club.

Freshwater Tennis Club

The Tennis Club is located on Kamerunga Road in Freshwater Cairns.

Freshwater Cairns Tennis Club
Freshwater Cairns Tennis Club

Ryan Weare Park

Ryan Weare Park is located at the intersection of Kamerunga Road and Brinsmead Road. Consequently, this council park and the adjacent swimming hole have been a popular retreat over the years, but make sure you watch out for crocodiles!

Ryan Weare Park
Ryan Weare Park

Freshwater Cairns FAQ’s

What is the post code for Freshwater Cairns?

The post code is 4870.

What is the local council for Freshwater?

The local government authority for the suburb is Cairns Regional Council. It is part of Division 6.

Does Freshwater Cairns have a post office?

There is a post office. It is located at 227 Kamerunga Road.

Freshwater Cairns History

European occupation along the banks of the Barron River began in late 1876 when the Douglas Track and Smith’s Track were established, linking the new port of Cairns to the Hodgkinson goldfields.

Chinese market gardeners moved into the area in the late 1870s, after exhausting their chances on the Hodgkinson Goldfields

Freshwater Provisional School opened on 20 August 1896. On 1 January 1909, it became Freshwater State School. As a result of low student numbers, it closed on August 1918 but re-opened on 21 September 1923.

Freshwater School Cairns

Today the school remains popular with the local community. The school is located at 10 Corkill Street.

The mission of the school is to provide opportunities for the students to “develop socially, emotionally, intellectually and physically so that they may achieve their full potential and live contributing lives within their own community and the wider society”.

Thank you for reading about Freshwater Cairns.

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