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Cairns North Qld

Cairns North is a suburb located on the coastal strip between the CBD and the neighbouring suburbs of Edge Hill and Aeroglen.

Cairns North Post Office

The post office is located on Sheridan Street at Unit 2 361-363 Sheridan Street.

Cairns North Postcode

The postcode for Cairns North is 4871.

A ‘Health Hub’ for the Region

This area is a health hub for the wider region. It includes the city’s only public hospital, Cairns Hospital, as well the Cairns Private Hospital.

Cairns North Community Health

The other large public health facility is the Community Health Centre. The Centre offers community-based adult and child health services. It also has a diabetes unit, dental services, a sexual health unit and a Red Cross Lifeblood Service.

The suburb is also home to a number of private medical facilities.

Cairns North Community Health
Community Health

Cairns Hospital

The hospital, known as the Cairns Base Hospital between 1932 and 2013, is the largest major hospital in the region. It is located at 165 The Esplanade, Cairns North, Cairns.

The hospital offers general services to Cairns and surrounding areas, a population of about 250,000 people. The building complex has a 667-space multi-storey car park with a pedestrian overpass linking it to the rest of the hospital.

Cairns North Map

The suburb lies between the suburbs of CBD to the south and Aeroglen. It is separated by Lily Creek from Parramatta Park to the west.

Cairns North things to do

Sporting Facilities

Cairns North has a number of sporting facilities of international standard. These include the Tobruk Swimming Pool, Cairns International Tennis Centre and Cairns Hockey. Indeed Cairns Hockey have a world-class astroturf field and additional space of natural grass fields on the opposite side of Lake Street (pictured below).

The Tubruk Swimming Pool is also an international standard facility. Accordingly, it has a FINA approved 50m Olympic pool, 25m lap pool and a warm therapy pool. There is also a toddler splash area, an outdoor gym and coaching Zone.


Cairns North Restaurants

There are many restaurants and takeaways in Cairn North. Everything from a quality pub meal at Dunwoody’s to traditional Balinese cuisine at The Bay Leaf.

Cairns Population

There is a lower rate of motor vehicle ownership in Cairns North. Only 24% of households had access to two or more motor vehicles, compared to 51% in Regional Queensland.

The suburb has a higher percentage of people with Torres Strait Islander ancestry (4.7% compared to 1.3% in the wider region).

However overall the suburb has a smaller percentage of people with Australian ancestry (17.6% compared to 35.3% in the wider region).


This suburb falls within Division 5 of the Cairns Regional Council local government area.

Cairns North also lies within the state electorate of Cairns and the federal electorate of Leichhardt.

Local Schools

What schools are in Cairns North?

There are two schools in this suburb, Mother of Good Counsel Catholic Primary School and Cairns State High School. Cairns North

Cairns North Real Estate

Cairns North is a popular suburb known for its proximity to the city centre and the Cairns Esplanade. It offers a mix of properties including older-style homes, modern apartments, and townhouses. Consider the following points:

  • Pricing Trends: Property prices in Cairns North have shown a steady increase over the past few years, reflecting its desirability and strategic location.
  • Rental Market: The rental market is strong, driven by demand from professionals, families, and students attending nearby educational institutions.
  • Location: Close to Cairns CBD, making it convenient for commuting and accessing amenities.
  • Amenities: Proximity to the Cairns Esplanade, parks, schools, hospitals, and shopping centres.
  • Lifestyle: Popular for its lifestyle offerings, including dining, recreational activities, and its vibrant community.
  • New Constructions: There have been recent developments in modern apartment complexes and mixed-use properties.
  • Infrastructure Improvements: Ongoing infrastructure projects aimed at enhancing transportation and local amenities are likely to boost property values.
  • High Demand: Consistent demand for both sales and rentals makes it a good area for investment.
  • Growth Prospects: With continued development and investment in local infrastructure, property values are expected to rise.

Several real estate agencies operate in Cairns North, offering services for buying, selling, and renting properties. So if you’re interested in specific listings or detailed market analysis, local real estate websites and agencies can provide current property listings and more detailed information.

Cairns North Apartments

There are an increasing number of apartments in the suburb. Old Queenslanders have made way for apartments, especially on the Esplanade and nearby streets. Digger street is also home to several modern unit complexes.

Cairns North Apartments
Apartments increasingly dominate the skyline

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