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Woodward Park

Woodward Park Guide 2024

Woodward Park

Woodward Park in Manoora (not to be confused with the reserve in Mount Sheridan by the same name) is the biggest green space in the suburb (20.4 acres).

Indeed the park is bordered by Saltwater Creek to the north, Pease Street to the East and Piccone’s Shopping Village to the south.

Park Use

Over 90 per cent of the park is a heavily forested nature reserve. Much of this is densely vegetated and does not provide easy access to the public.

However, the park has a useable portion that runs parallel to Pease Street. This area is mowed regularly and has some mature trees providing shade as well as council installed exercise equipment.

Woodward Park exercise equipment
Exercise Equipment

Woodward Park Map

Located on busy Pease Street, this park is readily accessible by public transport users. Indeed Pease Street is accessed by a regular bus service. So this makes it easy to get to for public transport users.

Also Woodward Park is linked to a comprehensive system of shared pathways for the convenience of pedestrians and cyclists.

Park Maintenance

A mowed headland down the side of the park allows Council staff to perform any maintenance or cleaning work and provides access to Saltwater Creek for any such works required to the creek and its banks.

Woodward Park Access
Woodward Park Access

Woodward Park Scrub

The scrub area of this park includes wet lowlands melaleuca and areas of eucalyptus acacia forest, as well as mangroves along the Saltwater Creek side of the park. Indeed melaleuca forests are often found on depositional plains and along eastern coastal Australia in inundated areas e.g. along watercourses, in dune swales and swamps.

Parts of the scrub in the park are heavily vegetated. However, there are informal trails throughout the park.

Woodward Park Manoora
Woodward Park Manoora

Other Council Parks

There are a number of council parks and other green spaces in Cairns West worth a closer look.

Finally, thank you for reading about Woodward Park and if you visit our Cairns Parks, please put any rubbish in the bin.

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