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Murray Street Park Guide

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The Murray Street Park

Murray Street Park is located in West Cairns in the suburb of Manoora. The park has swings, exercise equipment, a yarning circle and mature trees.

Furthermore, this park is a great place for families to enjoy the outdoors. Indeed it offers plenty of room for kids to play and adults to relax. The park is open every day of the year.

Yarning Circle

There is a yarning circle in the park, consisting of a number of large rocks arranged in a circle to facilitate group discussion.

This area is also the home to many big fig (ficus) trees which provide respite from the draining tropical heat in summer.

Murray Street Park Trees
Murray Street Park Trees

Murray Street Park Map

This park is easily accessed. Indeed there is a regular bus service in this area and the park is linked to a comprehensive system of shared pathways for the convenience of pedestrians and cyclists.

There is also a link through to Macilwraith Street, which gives residents of that area easy access to the park.

Where is the Murray Street Park?

Located at 26 – 32 Murray Street, this green space is in the suburb of Manoora in Cairns West.

Is there exercise equipment in Murray Street Park?

There is exercise equipment in the park.Murray Street Park Exercise Equipment

Murray Street Park Events

From time to time, events are held in the park. Health, fitness and other events building community resilience have been the focus of events at the park.

Thank you for reading about this great green space. Enjoy the park at your convenience, but if you need exclusive use you should make a request with Cairns Council by phoning 4044 3044.

Also note there is a council rubbish bin at the park. Please do not leave any waste or rubbish in our parks and other green spaces. So when you visit, please leave these areas as you find them.

Other Parks

There are a number of council parks, waterways other green spaces in the area worth a closer look.

Thank you for reading about the Murray Street Park

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