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Shang Park Cairns

Shang Park or the “Shang Street Park” as it is also (and more correctly referred to), is located in the Cairns suburb of Mooroobool.

This park offers plenty of room for kids to play and adults to relax. Also, it is open every day of the year. In addition to the other facilities it has a number of mature trees including some shady melaleuca.

It is quite a large park, so even when it is being used it is not too hard to find somewhere you can sit under a shady tree and read a book.

Shang Park Shang Street
Melaleuca Tree

Shang Park Map

Shang Park Mooroobool

Located in the Cairns suburb of Mooroobool, the park operates as a hub for young people in the area. It has many facilities including a basketball court and playground equipment and it also has a small sheltered area for wet weather.

There is also a field for an indigenous chase and tag game called Edor. Indeed. this is a chase and tag game which originated in Aurukun.

Directly opposite Shang Park is the Mooroobool Hub, which is a small building that is used for community purposes.

This is a low socio-economic area, so parks like this one are really important, especially in providing an option for young people to be active.

In the past the Mooroobool community has embraced the park as a venue to recruit young people for sport and recreation as an alternative to anti-social and criminal activities.

Shang Street Park Mooroobool
Shang Street Park Mooroobool

Other Local Parks

In addition, there are a number of council parks and other green spaces in the area. So some of them are:

Thank you for reading about other great green spaces. Enjoy the park at your convenience, but if you need exclusive use you can make a request with Cairns Council by phoning 4044 3044.

However, please dispose of any rubbish you have in a bin. We should always leave our parks and green spaces just as we found them.

Thank you for reading about Shang Park.

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