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Location of Cairns

Cairns facts has everything you need to know about Cairns. Everything from creeks and parks to hills and history. Enjoy!

10 Facts About Cairns

Reliable postal and delivery devices are just as important now as they were 100 years ago. The Cairns Post Office is a useful resource. In addition we have listed Cairns postcodes as well as the latitude and longitude of this tropical city.

You should also be aware of the risks of Cairns Flooding especially King Tide Flooding. Understanding the danger of tropical cyclones is also important.

Cairns is in the tropics so understanding the weather and Cairns humidity levels is also important.

Cairns Facts FAQs

Where does Cairns get its drinking water from?

Cairns gets its drinking water from copperlode dam.Cairns Facts

Who are the Traditional Owners of Cairns?

The Traditional Owners of Cairns are the Gimuy Walubara Yidinji people. These people know Cairns as Gimuy.

What is Cairns floral emblem?

Cairns Floral emblem is the Golden Penda – one of the tropical north’s splendid flowering trees. The bright Penda (Xanthostemon chrysanthus) bursts into yellow bloom several times a year and is a prolific grower.

Cairns floral emblem

Cairns Traditional Owners

We link to images and resources from Cairns history. However, Cairns has a rich Indigenous history stretching back over 50,000 years.

The local Yidinji people

The Yidinji people have traditionally lived in the region around Cairns, making use of its abundant natural resources to survive and thrive. The Yidinji know Cairns as Gimuy.

From fishing, hunting and gathering in the rainforests to developing unique art styles, music and storytelling traditions – the Yidinji people are an integral part of the cultural landscape today.

Things to do in Cairns

Local Government in Cairns has a long and proud history. The Cairns City Council (including the former Mulgrave Shire jurisdiction) was superseded in 2008 by the a new Council.

Subsequently, Cairns Regional Council became and remains the Local Government Authority (LGA) responsible for Cairns and Cairns Councillors are elected every 4 years.

Cairns Parks

Cairns parks are an important part of the identity of this tropical city. From picturesque rainforest trails to stunning beach views, you can explore these beautiful public spaces.

Cairns Waterways

Cairns creeks are an important part of the wet tropics, from the upper reaches of the Mulgrave River to the salty mouth of the Barron River.

Many Cairns facts relate to geography and place. Waterways, natural areas as well as flora and fauna are central to this. Nobody new this better than the areas traditional owners.

Rainforests and Beaches

The rainforests that surround Cairns are some of the most stunning in Australia. Home to hundreds of plants and animal species, these lush greenscapes provide an opportunity to explore and connect with nature like never before. Visitors to the region can also take advantage of the breathtaking beaches located on its coastline, with golden sand and pristine waters.

Cairns Facts: A melting pot of Cultures

Cairns is known for its diverse array of cultures, with a wide range of nationalities and people living in the city. With residents coming from countries such as the United Kingdom, New Zealand, China, and India, Cairns is a unique melting pot of cultures that makes it an exciting place to explore and experience.

From lush markets offering exotic cuisine to beautiful multicultural festivals, there’s plenty to do in this city!

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