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Lily Creek

Lily Creek Guide 2024

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Lily Creek

Lily Creek is a small waterway in Cairns, Queensland. It flows through the suburbs of Cairns CBD, Cairns North and Aeroglen.

The creek begins across the road from the Cairns Convention Centre (next to the railway line) and carries stormwater north to empty into Saltwater Creek.

Lily Creek
Lily Creek

Lily Creek Fishing

Interestingly, this waterway runs from south to north. The south end of this waterway flows through Cairns CBD northwards, until it reaches Saltwater Creek. This is unusual as the other creeks nearby flow southwards into Trinity Inlet.

However, this little stream merges with Saltwater Creek in Centenary Lakes and becomes part of it. Saltwater Creek then crosses Sheridan Street and discharges into the Coral Sea near the Cairns Airport.

As the creek does not have much of a ‘drop’ from the CBD end to Saltwater Creek, maintenance work is sometimes required so the water can run away (to avoid water pooling in stagnant ponds).

This is a very small creek, often appearing to be little more than a drain. Consequently, due to the nature of this waterway, it is not highly regarded as a fishing destination.

Lily Creek Map

Lily Creek Hike

The Lily Creek circuit is a popular walking and cycling trail that incorporates the waterway with a pathway. The pathways and shady trees make the circuit an enjoyable outing.

While there is some natural shade, be sure to wear a hat and have good shoes so you don’t slip on the pathway, especially if it is wet and/or mouldy.

Maintenance of the creek and the pathways on the circuit is the responsibility of Cairns Regional Council. They can be contacted on 4044 3044.

Lily Creek Lagoon Crocodiles

Are there crocodiles in Lily Creek?

Probably not, but you should always assume there are crocodiles nearby and stay out of the water. It is important to be ‘croc safe in croc country’.

Thank you for reading about Lily Creek.

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