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Goomboora Park

Goomboora Park Guide 2024

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Goomboora Park

Goomboora Park is an awesome place for families. It has play equipment and lots of lawn for children to play. It has park benches, tables, BBQ facilities and more.

Sheltered picnic tables are scattered around the park. It is a good park to have a picnic in, with shade and surrounded by beautiful trees. There are toilets and car parking at the park.

However, if you want to hold an event at the park you need to book with the Cairns Regional Council to secure a particular shelter and a table. Otherwise you just have to take what you can get on the day.

Goomboora park sign
Goomboora Park Signage
Does Goomboora Park flood?

The park will flood during the wet season. This happens during torrential tropical downpours when Freshwater Creek breaks its banks. However the park is only underwater for a few days each year and for the balance of the time it is available to the community.

How do I get to Goomboora Park?

Turn off Reservoir Rd into View St at the Loridan Drive lights in Brinsmead. Then turn right into Shale St. After driving 100 metres or so the park entry is on your right.
goomboora park

Goomboora Park Playground

Goomboora Adventure Playground and Park, hands down has to be one of the best spots in Cairns for children. Older children can easily spend hours entertaining themselves at this park.

Children can easily spend hours entertaining themselves at this park. Take them for a splash in the creek, to kick a ball around, or even go for a bike ride or take the dog for a run around. In addition, there is play equipment with an obstacle course, rope climbing trellis and two flying foxes.

Goomboora park play
Goomboora Park Play

Goomboora Park and Dogs

The area to the north of the central internal access in Goomboora park is a designated ‘off leash’ area for dogs.

While dogs ‘on lead’ are permitted throughout the park, they are not allowed in the playground area.

Dogs are social animals by nature so it’s important to walk your dog regularly to help your pooch socialise with people and other dogs. It’s also a great way to relieve boredom, which is one of the most common reasons dogs misbehave.

Whenever you are out and about with your dog it’s compulsory to:

  • Have your dog on a leash (unless in a dog off-leash area)
  • Use designated dog off-leash areas if your dog is off lead.
  • Pick up their poop.

There is a $287 on-the-spot fine for not adhering to these rules.

Goomboora Park Map

Other Goomboora Park Facilities

Public Toilets

There are public toilets located within the park. These toilets are listed on the national public toilet map as having wheelchair access and being open during daylight hours.

Car Parking

There is considerable parking available. However, some weekends the carpark is overflowing due to events and the popularity of this park. The beautiful trees arching over the road (near the parking area) creates a wonderful visual.

Goomboora Park trees
Goomboora Park Trees

Other Local Parks

In addition, there are a number of other Cairns parks and green spaces to enjoy. So some of them are:

Thank you for reading about other great green spaces. Enjoy the park at your convenience, but if you need exclusive use you can make a request with Cairns Council by phoning 4044 3044.

However, please dispose of any rubbish you have in a bin. We should always leave our parks and green spaces just as we found them.

Thank you for reading about Goomboora Park

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