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Manunda Queensland: Your Complete Guide!

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Manunda Queensland

The suburb Manunda in Queensland is in the Cairns West area in the far north of the state. It has a population of almost 10,000. It was named in 1973, after the TSMV Manunda of the Adelaide Steamship Company which regularly visited Cairns.

The suburb is bounded by Saltwater Creek and Greenslopes Street in the north, Lily Creek, Charles Street and the suburb of Parramatta Park in the east, Gatton Street, Tills Street and Lennon Street in the south, and Moodys Creek, Keeble Street, Moody Street, Hoare Street, Mayers Street and the suburb of Manoora in the west.

Manunda Queensland

Manunda Queensland Map

Educational Facilities

Education is the most important industry in the suburb. Cairns West State School is the only state primary school in the suburb. Trinity Bay State High School and Cairns TAFE are two of the areas biggest education providers as well as significant employers.

These public education providers have achieved positive outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students as well as for students from a non-English speaking background.

Living in Manunda Queensland

Manunda is quite multicultural. Indeed, just over 25% of the suburb’s population was born overseas, which is considerably higher than the state average.

More people living in Manunda Queensland use sustainable transport to get to work. Indeed only 25% of residents had access to 2 or more cars, compared to over 50% across regional Queensland.

The major differences between the countries of birth of the population in Manunda and Cairns were:
• A larger percentage of people born in Nepal (2.1% compared to 0.3%)
• Higher percentage of people born in Bhutan (1.8% compared to 0.3%)
• A larger percentage of people born in Philippines (2.3% compared to 1.3%)
• A smaller percentage of people born in United Kingdom (3.1% compared to 4.6%)

Manunda Crime

There are pockets of significant social disadvantage in the suburb. These problems are exacerbated by a lack of public housing and a lack of services to many of the disadvantaged youth in the suburb. This has led to ‘spikes’ in the rates of youth crime, which never fails to attract media attention.

Things to do in Manunda Queensland

Manunda is a busy little suburb where there is a lot to do. Below we look at some local shops, sporting facilities and answer a few FAQ’s.

Manunda Queensland Shops

Raintrees Shopping Centre is the biggest shopping centre in the suburb. Hence shops in the centre include the Manunda Library, Police Beat, Woolworths, Food Court and Tavern.

Manunda Queensland shopping
Raintrees Shopping Centre – Manunda Queensland

Manunda the Sporting Hub

Manunda is the home of some impressive sporting facilities. Griffith Park has two large cricket ovals and is the spiritual home of cricket in Cairns. Next to Griffith Park is Sportsworld, which includes a gym, a swimming pool and squash courts.

Also in Manunda is Cairns Basketball, located at 289 Aumuller Street. Indeed their centre is the home of community basketball in Cairns and a hub for the basketball community.

Manunda Queensland FAQs

What is the postcode for Manunda Queensland?

The postcode is 4870.
Manunda Qld post code

What is the Council area for Manunda?

Manunda lies within Division 7 of the Cairns Regional Council local government area. The local Councillor is Cr. Max O’Halloran

What is the dominant household type in Manunda Queensland?

Single person households are the dominant group. The suburb has a higher proportion of lone person households. Overall, the proportion of lone person households was 35.0% compared to 22.5% in Regional QLD.

Thank you reading our guide to Manunda Queensland.

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