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Westcourt Cairns

Westcourt is a Cairns suburb with a population of around 5000 people. The suburb is located in Cairns West and is home to aged care facilities, shops and sporting facilities.

Westcourt is situated in the Yidinji traditional Aboriginal country. These people are the Traditional Owners, who refer to Cairns as Gimuy.



The area was once a dairy farm. However, the farm was subdivided in 1886 and a new suburb was born. Much later in 1973, Westcourt, located east of the suburb Mooroobool, was officially named as a locality.

As a residential area, the suburb later consisted of dwelling houses. However there has been a growth in unit developments in the suburb over recent decades. Consequently, this has seen an increase in population density.

Interestingly, at the last census just 29% of households in Westcourt had access to two or more motor vehicles, compared to 51% in the wider Cairns community.

The People of Westcourt

Westcourt is a very diverse community. In addition to refugees, it is home to many immigrants and a high number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Of the more recent arrivals, there is a growing Bhutanese community, many of whom arrived in Cairns as refugees. Indeed this suburb is quite multicultural, with 30.4 per cent of the suburb’s population born overseas.

Westcourt people are also older on average than the Cairns population. The suburb has a higher proportion of persons aged 60 or older (higher than Cairns as a whole). Furthermore, just 11.4% of households were made up of couples with children, compared with 24.8% in wider Cairns.

Westcourt Map

Westcourt is bordered by Mulgrave Road to the south, Moody Creek to the west, Gatton Street to the north and Cairns Central Swamp to the east. The suburb is well serviced by public transport and bike paths connecting cyclists to the nearby Cairns CBD.

Westcourt Apartments

There are an increasing number of building unit developments in the suburb. This is increasing population density in the area.

Westcourt Apartments
Westcourt Apartments

Rugby League and AFL

The suburb is the home to two of the regions premier sporting facilities. Indeed it has Cairns and District Junior Rugby League and Cazalys, the home of AFL in Cairns.

As well as a world-class sporting stadium, Cazaly’s boasts live entertainment, a gaming lounge, a restaurant and a children’s entertainment area. Indeed it is promoted as an fun venue for the whole family.

Westcourt Plaza

DFO is a large shopping centre located in the suburb. As a result, with coffee shops, Coles, a food court and playground equipment, this shopping centre has become a real community hub.

The centre has undercover parking, which is important during the summer ‘wet season’. For further information visit the DFO Cairns website.

Westcourt DFO
Westcourt DFO

Westcourt Postcode

The postcode is 4870. However, not all Cairns suburbs are included in that code, so check out all Cairns Postcode details to confirm you are using the right code.

Westcourt Qld

Is there a post office in Westcourt?

There is a post office located in the DFO Cairns Shopping Centre.
Westcourt Post Office

Who are the Traditional Owners of Westcourt?

The Traditional Owners of the land are the Gimuy Walubara Yidinji people.


The entire suburb lies within Division 5 of the Cairns Regional Council local government area.

At the state level the suburb is completely within the Cairns electorate, while at the federal level it is within the electorate of Leichhardt.

Local Schools

There are no schools in Westcourt but primary and secondary schools are in neighbouring suburbs. The nearest primary schools are Parramatta State school in Parramatta Park, Balaclava State School in Mooroobool and Cairns West State School in Manunda to the north-west.

The closest high school is Trinity Bay State High School in Manunda.

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