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Tropical Vine Fruit and Vegetables Guide

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Tropical Vine Fruit & Veg

Tropical vine fruit and vegetables come in various shapes and sizes. They range from the small, such as passionfruit, to the massive, such as watermelon. However our list of favourites is as follows:

tropical vine fruit and veg
Tropical Vine Fruit and Veg

In addition to tropical vines, there are numerous tropical fruit trees and other tropical vegetables to keep you well fed in the hottest and most humid part of the planet.

Types of Tropical Vine

What are the tree types of vines?

We divide vines into three groups:
Clinging: Vines that have sticky pads or claw-like growths along their stems that can attach to the surfaces they touch.
Sprawling: Vigorous, spreading vines (eg. climbing rose).
Twining: These vines wrap around their supports. Alternatively, they may have twining tendrils that grab and wrap around any supporting structure or plant (eg passion fruit).

Space and Support for Tropical Vine Fruit

Two issues you should consider before planting tropical vines in your garden are support and space.

Some plants require significantly more support than others, so you should make sure you plant them somewhere they will receive that support. So if you’re growing on a trellis, you need to make sure your trellis will support the weight of a mature vine.


In some cases, pruning is an excellent option. Passionfruit is a great example. It will quickly take over a suburban yard, so you should consider pruning prior to the wet season. The vine will regrow as sure as the simmer wet. Pruning also gives you the opportunity to get any accumulated debris off your fence or trellis.

Tropical Fruit Tree List

Of course not all tropical fruits are from the vine. In fact most tropical fruits are grown on tropical fruit trees. This is a list of our favourite tropical fruit trees.

Other Tropical Vine Fruit and Vegetables

Of course it is not always about food. In addition there are a variety of ornamental vines available that are suitable for your garden and landscape.  Review a list of tropical flowering vines for additional options to consider. However, it will depend on the amount of garden space you have available.

Good luck with your tropical vine fruit and vegetable growing.

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