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Public Murals with Video

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Public Murals Lift Spirits

Public Murals and community art

Young artists are making their mark on their suburbs, adding public murals to concrete walls, amenity blocks and underpass tunnels throughout Cairns in Far North Queensland.

The Sinclair Miller Bridge underpass at Bentley Park is the latest site to be given the Youth Urban Art Project treatment. Hence students from nearby Bentley Park College and Holy Spirit College have been working with artist and teacher Sharon Wedel this week to add creatures, patterns and colours to the underpass.

Cairns Regional Council representative for Division 2 Councillor Rob Pyne said the young artists were gaining skills through the Council-funded public murals as well as giving a gift to the community. 

public murals
public murals

Young Public Artists

“The young people involved in this Public Art Project have created something that can be enjoyed by the whole community. It is also creating a real sense of pride in their place,” Cr Pyne said.

“These murals are a way to celebrate the artistic talents and contribution of local young people.”

Ms Wedel said she had developed sketches by the school students into a mural design. The young artists are also learning new painting and design techniques.

“We work with the children to incorporate what they love about the area, whether that be physical features, friendships or feelings… this is what we use to create the mural design.” said Ms Wedel, who has also worked with students at two additional sites in Smithfield and Brinsmead on murals this year.

The underpass project is the 14th addition to the Youth Urban Arts Project. Consequently this has enabled young artists to learn new skills and beautify public spaces in 13 suburbs from Babinda to Manoora to Smithfield to Trinity Beach.

Cairns Public Murals - Bentley
Cairns Public Murals – Bentley

Mural Art and Crime Prevention

Do public murals reduce crime?

Public murals, sculptures and heritage features which celebrate local history help to reduce crime. They do this because they improve the amenity and liveability of a location, instilling a sense of identity and community. Public Art also gives residents of a neighbourhood a sense of pride and ownership.

More Public Murals Planned

Four new sites have had public murals completed this financial year, They are: 

  • Information Park, Smithfield (completed)
  • Glenoma Park, Brinsmead (completed)
  • Sinclair Miller Bridge underpass, Bentley Park
  • Griffiths Park, Manunda

Cr. Rob Pyne is enthusiastic about the prospect of more community art. In addition he said, “The more public murals around the place the better. Moreover they really help lift the spirits of people. For this reason I would like to see Cairns known as a city that celebrates the arts”.

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