Edmonton Queensland, in Australia

Edmonton Queensland
Edmonton Queensland
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Edmonton Queensland

Edmonton Queensland is a town in tropical Far North Queensland. Once a small sugar town, this Edmonton is fast becoming a suburb of nearby Cairns.

Where is Edmonton?

Edmonton is the capital city of the Canadian province of Alberta. However, Edmonton is also a town in Far North Queensland in Australia. Located on latitude 17, Edmonton lies half way between Cairns CBD and nearby the town of Gordonvale.

Tropical Edmonton Queensland

‘Edmonton Queensland’ or ‘Edmonton Australia’ is often used, to avoid confusing the town with the Canadian metropolis of the same name. However, geographically, the Australian Edmonton could not be more different. Indeed it is located on Latitude 17 south of the equator, making it a very tropical location.

Local Government

Edmonton lies within the Local Government Municipality of Cairns Regional Council.

Edmonton Queensland – History

In 1882 Thomas Swallow (a Melbourne biscuit maker) established the Hambledon plantation including sugar mill west of Edmonton. This was the precursor to the growth of the sugar industry in the area.

The ‘Hambledon Mill’ was later taken over by the mighty Colonial Sugar Refining Company (CSR). By the 1940s, more houses were built next to the mill (for mill staff), all owned and paid for by the CSR.

Located almost halfway between Gordonvale and Cairns, Edmonton developed into a small country town. Consequently, it was typical of most country towns of that time.

By the 1960s the town had two pubs, the Hambledon Hotel and the Grafton Hotel. The main sources of employment were a meat-works on the outskirts of town and the Hambledon Sugar Mill. additionally, the town had a strong sense of community, which characterised most Queensland towns of the era.

This mill community, while owned by CSR, was what the staff made of it. Hence, CSR employees built their own swimming pool and tennis courts to enhance the area. ‘Mill houses’ were overwhelmingly occupied by white-collar staff such as accountants, chemists and managers.

However, the meat-works and the mill were closed in the late 20th century, leaving Edmonton as a de-facto southern suburb of the nearby city of Cairns.

The site of the former Hambledon Mill is now the home of Sugarworld Parklands. There are a number of other Council parks in the suburb. They include:

Edmonton Queensland – Education Facilities

Hambledon State School
Hambledon State School

Edmonton is fortunate to have two state funded primary schools. Indeed Hambledon State School has a rich heritage and was established over 100 years ago.

Subsequently, Isabella State School was established early this century and like its older neighbour, it boosts modern facilities.

Autism Queensland opened an Education & Therapy Centre in the town in 2019. So it is located in Marr Street, next to Hambledon State School.

Sport and Recreation

Edmonton Queensland is well provided for in terms of sport and recreation facilities. Indeed the PCYC building on Walker Road provides a home for many functions and recreational activities. In addition, directly next door, Walker Road sporting complex is home to many of the area sporting clubs.


The town is located in the state Electorate of Mulgrave in the Queensland Parliament. In short, this electorate was first created in 1950 for the election held that year.

This century Mulgrave has had only two MPs. Firstly Warren Pitt (1998 to 2009) and subsequently his son Curtis Pitt (2009 to 2022).

Edmonton Queensland FAQs

What is the post code for Edmonton in Australia?

The post code for Edmonton in Australia in 4869.

Well Known Identities

Fran Lindsay

Fran Lindsay entered Mulgrave Shire Local Council as an elected Councillor in 1991. Subsequently, she enjoyed 17 years working with the Edmonton and wider community. Prior to the Amalgamation with Cairns City, Mulgrave was a very hands on Council with monthly inspections by all Councillors and Staff to see problems identified by residents.

Lou Piccone

Edmonton Queensland has produced many well known people. Indeed this includes the Piccone family, well known as owners of the local supermarket and for their community philanthropy.

Upon settling in Edmonton, the Piccone family got to business, starting with a share in the local butchery and bakery. Following the interruption of the second world war, the family’s business enterprise continued to grow and diversify with the addition of a grocery store to their successful butchery and bakery. The management of the Piccone business enterprise was handed to Luigi Jnr (commonly known as Lou) in 1957. Years later in 2020 Lou passed away and the family business continues, with his sons Peter and John at the helm.

Tom Pyne

Thomas Alfred Pyne AO (Tom Pyne) was an Australian politician. He was the shire chairman of the Shire of Mulgrave from 1979 to 1995. Following the amalgamation of Mulgrave he with the City of Cairns, he was Mayor of Cairns from 1995 to 2000.

Rob Pyne

Tom Pyne’s son Rob Pyne is also well-known. Indeed, he was elected to State Parliament as the Member for Cairns and served on Cairns Regional Council for a period of 10 years. So this is his ‘Southside Story’.

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