Bentley Park Queensland

Bentley Park Queensland
Bentley Park Queensland
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Bentley Park Queensland

Bentley Park in Queensland is a suburb on the south-side of Cairns. With a population of approximately 10 000 it is an important locality.

During the late 1990s the part of Edmonton north of Blackfellows Creek was detached as the new suburb. Subsequently with strong growth and a population today of around 10,000 people, the suburb is now an important part of the Cairns region.

Bentley Park Queensland – Educational Facilities

There are two significant education facilities in the suburb. Bentley Park College is one of the largest education facilities in Cairns. Indeed this state funded school is a valuable resource for the fast growing Cairns southern corridor.

The other school is St Therese’s. This is a catholic primary school, located on Robert Road. Hence it is a small suburban school with a strong sense of community.

Local Government

The suburb lies within the Local Government Municipality of Cairns Regional Council. It is in Division 2 of the Council representational area.

Public Transport in Bentley Park Queensland

Bus Service

The suburb is well serviced by a state funded bus service. There are numerous bus stops in the suburb. Robert Road is particularly well serviced by buses.

Cycle and Pedestrian Access

The suburb is very well serviced by ‘shared pathways’ that support cycle and pedestrian access. It also connects to the Cairns Southern Access Cycleway for those wanting to take longer journeys on a safe off-road cycleway.

Gidarja Creek

Gidarja Creek (formerly known as Blackfellow Creek) travels along the southern border of this suburb. As a result, the creek separates the suburb from the township of Edmonton.

Sport and Recreation


Bentley Park Queensland is home to a number of sporting clubs including South Cairns Cutters AFL. Indeed the ‘cutters’ are a real force in the local AFL competition. Another club particularly popular with children is the South Cairns Gymnastics Club.

Local Parks

Todd Park in Bentley Park
Todd Park in Bentley Park

Located at 66-76 Robert Rd, Todd Park is a Council park with children’s play equipment. It also has expansive green fields and skate park/bmx facilities.

Pubs and Clubs

South Cairns Sports is the only licensed club in the suburb, with cold beer and good food.

Bentley Park Queensland FAQs

What is the post code of Bentley Park Queensland?

The post code is 4869.

Is there a post office in Bentley Park?

No. There are post offices in the nearby suburbs of Edmonton and Mount Sheridan.

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