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Introduction to White Rock

White Rock in Cairns is a suburb in Far North Queensland. Indeed, located in South Cairns, it draws its name from a large rock in the mountain range opposite the suburb.

White Rock Cairns History

Furthermore, this suburb lies in the traditional land of the Yidinji people. Consequently, as the original inhabitants of the land, the Yidinji are recognised as the traditional owners. However, today the suburb has a population of approximately 7000 people.

White Rock Cairns sign
White Rock Cairns Sign

White Rock State School

This suburb has a large state funded primary school, White Rock State School. Firstly stablished in 1988, White Rock State School provides a preparatory and primary education for children in the White Rock area.

However, there is no secondary school in the suburb, with older students having the option of crossing the highway to attend Bentley Park College to the south or Woree State High School to the north.

White Rock Cairns Map

White Rock Cairns things to do

There are number of sporting clubs in the suburb, the most well known of which is Leichhardt Lions FC.

White Rock Cairns Restaurants

We are not aware of any restaurants in this suburb, but you can enjoy food from Dash’s Takeaway or Domino’s Pizza.


Bus Service

The suburb is well serviced by a state funded bus service. Hence, there are a number of Council bus stops in the suburb.

Cycle and Pedestrian Access

In addition to buses, the area has many ‘shared pathways’ that support cycle and pedestrian access in the area. Consequently, these pathways get you to the Cairns Southern Cycleway. Indeed this cycleway provides safe off-road cycle access into Cairns city or south all the way to Gordonvale.

Local Government

The suburb lies within Division 3 of the Cairns Regional Council local government area. Indeed there are a number of Council parks in White Rock Cairns, and two of the best are:

White Rock Cairns Qld 4868

What is the postcode for White Rock Cairns?

The postcode for White Rock is 4868.

Where is White Rock Cairns?

This is a suburb on the south-side of Cairns. Indeed it lies between the Bruce Highway and Trinity Inlet, with the suburb of Portsmith to the north and Bentley Park to the south.

White Rock Cairns

Where is Skeleton Creek?

Skeleton Creek is the southern boundary of the suburb of White Rock. Furthermore, to the south of the creek, lies the suburb of Bentley Park.


Couples in White Rock are more likely to have children. The percentage of families without children in White Rock is 23.90%, compared to 26.8% in Regional Queensland overall.

Population density is also increasing. Analysis of the types of dwellings in White Rock shows that 73.2% of all dwellings were houses (compared to 80.3% across regional Qld). Of total residents, 16.3% were medium density dwellings (compared to 13.1% in Regional Qd), while 8.2% were in high density dwellings compared to 2.2% in Regional Queensland.


White Rock Cairns rises from the mangroves in the east. Hence the suburb (by and large), slopes up to the highway on the west boundary of the suburb. As a result of climate change, those areas on the edge of the mangroves are increasingly subject to flooding.

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