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Ravizza Park

Ravizza Park Edmonton: Your Guide

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Ravizza Park

Ravizza Park is a great place for families to visit. It has many features that are perfect for kids. Find out what makes this park special!

Further, it is a great place for families to enjoy the outdoors. Indeed it offers plenty of room for kids to play and adults to relax and the park is open every day of the year.

Ravizza Park Facilities

Moreover, facilities at the park include an undercover stage, playground equipment, basketball court, exercise equipment and a barbecue.

Indeed the park is very popular amongst local residents and is often used for community events. There are also toilets at the south east corner of the park (just behind the stage).

Ravizza Park sign
Council Signage

History and Events

The land was previously a sugar cane farm. Subsequently, it was donated by the Ravizza family to Cairns Council for use in dedication to the children of Edmonton and District. Hence there is a monument at the border of the reserve acknowledging the history of the donation of the land by the Ravizza family.

Indeed today the park is a hub for local community events and south side celebrations. Consequently, these have included movie nights, family fun days and the annual Christmas Carols.

Ravizza Park monument
Ravizza Park monument

Location of Ravizza Park

Where is Ravizza Park?

This attractive park is located on Ravizza Drive behind the Edmonton library and Hambledon House. Consequently, it is bordered by Ravizza Drive to the west and by a council drain to the east.

Ravizza Park Map

Car Parking

There is car parking directly next to the park, adjacent to the Uniting Church. However, you can park on the Bruce Highway Service Road and use the pathway next to the library to access the park (it is only a short walk).

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