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Down Park

Down Park is a much loved Council green space in Edmonton Queensland. Located at 59-67 Thomson Road, it is also bordered by Barr St and Pyne St. It has a community hall, as well as sporting and recreational facilities that are outlined below.

The Down family is a well known Edmonton family that has lived in the area for 100 years and their descendants still live there today.

Down Park Edmonton

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This green oasis has a number of improvements. Accordingly these include tennis courts, playground equipment, playing fields and a community hall. There is also a basketball court, picnic table and numerous shade trees.

Down Park Community Hall

In addition, this site is home to the Edmonton Down Park Community Centre. Indeed this is an accessible, multi-purpose community hall which can be hired by the public. To clarify the hall can seat up to 75 people in an ‘L Shaped’ activity room that has ceiling fans and air-conditioning.

Down Park Edmonton Hall
Down Park Edmonton Hall

Playing Fields

The rectangular field has been used in the past for rugby league. The ground has also been used for cricket and other sports. In addition a number of mature trees around the park provide useful shade during the heat of the day.

Tennis and Basketball

Firstly, there are two tennis courts at the park. Indeed it is the home of the Edmonton Tennis Club, which has been based there for over 50 years.

There is also a basketball court that is available to anyone who wants to wander down and shoot a few hoops.

Down Park Edmonton Hall
Down Park Edmonton Hall

Down Park FAQs

Who manages Down Park?

It is managed by Cairns Regional Council. Council can be contacted on 4044 3044 or on the Council Website.

What is the capacity of Down Park Edmonton Community Centre?

The Community Centre has a capacity of up to 75 people.

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