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Mulgrave River in the Wet Tropics

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Mulgrave River Cairns

The Mulgrave River is a system incorporating the East Mulgrave River and West Mulgrave River, later meeting the Russel at the coast.

The catchment system includes Queensland’s highest mountains, Bellenden Ker and Bartle Frere. In addition this catchment is also Australia’s highest rainfall area. 

Mulgrave River Maps


After crossing the highway at Gordonvale at the Desmond Trannore Bridge the river flows east then south. At the southern extremity of the Yarrabah Hills, it meets the Russell River where it empties into the Coral Sea, 70km from the wet tropics.

Mulgrave River Sign
Sign in Gordonvale

Mulgrave River Camping

Greenpatch Campground

Leave the Bruce Highway just south of the bridge at Gordonvale. Then simply cross the old bridge and you are at the camping ground.

There is no charge for the use of this facility, so if you are staying at this site please help to keep it clean and tidy.

Mulgrave River Fishing

Just before and just after the wet season (October to December and March to April) are probably the best times to fish the for Barramundi. People have also cought  barramundi, catfish, sooty grunter, spangled perch and yabbies.

Deeral is the closest access point for fishing in the Mulgrave and Russel River estuary and mouth. Turn left into Ross Road just before the petrol station in Deeral. The boat ramp is about 1km down Ross Rd. 

As well as fishers, the river and surrounds is popular with hikers, bird watchers and nature lovers in general.

Little Mulgrave River

The Little Mulgrave is connected to the Mulgrave River. Upstream from Ross and Locke. However, unlike Ross and Locke, you are unlikely to be worried by crocodiles.

The river is shallow here (and quite gentle during the dry season), so it is a handy stop to take a refreshing dip. It is also a handy picnic stop with BBQs, picnic benches and tables.

Mulgrave River Crocodiles

Two of the most dangerous critters you will come across in the river are stonefish and crocodiles. Wearing runners while swimming is helpful to protect you from stonefish … however runners won’t help you protect you from crocodiles. Hence it is important ti be safe and remember “just because you cannot see a crocodile does not mean there is not one around … waiting.”

Cairns creeks crocodiles
Cairns creeks crocodiles

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