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Allan and May Oliver Park

Allan and May Oliver Park

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Allan and May Oliver

Allan Oliver lived in the Edmonton area for over 40 years. Mavis Oliver and Oliver family members continue to live in Edmonton since the passing of Allan in 2015 and remain active in the local sporting community.

Allan was heavily involved in Cairns District Rugby League (CDRL) where he played, captained and coached rugby league from the 1950s to 1980s and was also very active (along with May) in other roles in rugby league in the 1990s and 2000s.

He was a life member of Southern Suburbs Rugby League Club (Suburbs) and the CDRL where he fulfilled many roles including selector, as well as manning the public address box at Suburbs. Allan and his family also donated many hours to the Edmonton Storm Rugby Club Inc.

Bana Gindarja

The Yidinji People (the Traditional Owners) for the area together with Cr. Rob Pyne, requested that Blackfellows Creek Park be renamed with a dual name, specifically Allan and May Oliver Park / Bana Gindarja Park.

Bana Gindarja has direct cultural significance to the Traditional Owners of the area and refers to the cassowary which is their totem. The story of Bana Gindarja tells how the cassowary lost its feathers, wings, ability to fly and how it became the colour it is.

Allan and May Oliver Park Playground
Allan and May Oliver Park Playground

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