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Bana Gindarja

Bana Gindarja is a Traditional Tributary

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Bana Gindarja

Bana Gindarja creek is a serene natural stream in Far North Queensland. It has a number of access points where you can reconnect with the natural world.

Located in Edmonton south of Cairns, this waterway lies in the traditional country of the Gimuy Walubara Yidinji people. In the Yidinji language, the name translates as Bana (Creek) and Gindarja (Cassowary).

Bana Gindarja History

The creek originates in the foothills behind Edmonton. Thereafter, it makes its way down into the Edmonton area and for a stretch it marks the boundary between Edmonton and Bentley Bark.

Following the European invasion, the creek was named “Blackfellow Creek” by colonial authorities.

“Blackfellows Creek” near Cairns first appeared on the map in about 1883 but local elders from the area said it’s been known by the Yidiny name of Bana Gindarja, which means Cassowary, for thousands of years.

Bana Gindarja Map

Following advocacy by local Councillor, Rob Pyne and consultation with Traditional Owners, the Gimuy Walubura Yidinji people, the state government agreed to rename Blackfellow Creek as Bana Gindarga Creek.

While there was some resistance to the name change, young people in particular embraced the renaming as a rejection of racism and celebration of Indigenous culture. The below map was released by the government at the time of the name change, showing the passage of the creek from the mountains to Trinity Inlet.

Bana Gindarja

A Cairns Creek

Are their crocodiles in Bana Gindarja?

There are crocodiles in this creek, especially (but not limited to) where the creek approaches Trinity Inlet.
Trinity Inlet crocodile

What is the new name for Blackfellow Creek?

The name Blackfellow Creek was changed to Bana Gindarja following representations by Cairns Regional Council on behalf of the Traditional Owners.

Today the sign in Edmonton proudly proudly displays the name of the creek to passing traffic as a fitting as a fitting celebration of the ancient culture of local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People.

bana gindarja

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