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Cairns Southern Cycleway

Cairns Southern Cycleway: A Complete Guide

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Cairns Southern Cycleway

If you’re looking for a scenic and adventurous cycling route in tropical North Queensland, the Cairns Southern Cycleway is a must-visit destination. This comprehensive guide provides all the information you need to plan your trip, including trail highlights, difficulty level, and tips for a safe and enjoyable ride.

Get ready to explore the stunning landscapes of this beautiful region on two wheels.

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The Cairns Southern Cycleway is a 17-kilometer trail that winds through the lush rainforests and coastal landscapes of tropical North Queensland. The trail starts at the Cairns Esplanade and takes you through the suburbs of Woree, and Bentley Park before ending at Gordonvale.

Along the way, you’ll encounter stunning views of the surrounding cane-fields and mountains. The trail is suitable for cyclists of all levels, with plenty of rest stops and amenities along the way.

cairns southern cycleway
Cairns Southern Cycleway

Cairns southern cycleway map

cairns southern cycleway map

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Cairns Southern Cycleway provides an crucial link connecting the southern suburbs to the city. This infrastructure provides a dedicated and safe link for all bike riders including school children between Edmonton, Mount Sheridan, White Rock and Woree.

The cycleway provides safer connections to several schools, businesses and shopping precincts south of Cairns.

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