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Mount Sheridan Cairns: Your Complete Guide.

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Mount Sheridan Facts

Mount Sheridan in Cairns is located in tropical Far North Queensland. The Aboriginal Yidinji people are the traditional owners of Cairns, which they call Gimuy.

Mount Sheridan

The suburb takes its name from a mountain of the same name (even though it is not located within the suburb but in the mountain range to the west).

Mount Sheridan Cairns FAQs

Who are the traditional owners of Mount Sheridan?

The traditional owners are the Gimuy Walubara Yidinji people.

What is the postcode for Mount Sheridan?

The postcode for this suburb is 4868.

Is there a post office in Mount Sheridan?

There is a post office, located in the shopping plaza accessed via Barnard Drive.Mount Sheridan Cairns Post Office

Mount Sheridan Cairns Map

This suburb lies between the mountains and the Bruce Highway. The geographic feature ‘Mount Sheridan’ can not be seen from the suburb. However, the mountain range that contain it (known as ‘Lamb Range’) makes an attractive backdrop to the suburb.

North of Mount Sheridan is the suburb of Woree and to the south lies the suburb of Bentley Park.

Public Transport

Bus Service

Mount Sheridan in Cairns is well serviced by a state funded bus service. In addition there are numerous bus stops. The most central stop is located outside Mount Sheridan Plaza.

plaza bus stop
Plaza Bus Stop

Local Government

The suburb lies within Division 2 of the Local Government Municipality of Cairns Regional Council. The local representatives is Cr Rob Pyne (2008-2015 and 2020-2023).

Local Parks in Mount Sheridan Cairns

The suburb contains a number of recreational parks which have swings for children and other facilities. However, there are two parks that stand out as excellent (due to their size and amenities). They are Bill Mills Park off George Cannon Drive and Tom Murray Park off Hardy Road.

Cycle and Pedestrian Access

The suburb is also well serviced by ‘shared pathways’ that support cycle and pedestrian access. Moreover these pathways connect to the Cairns Southern Access Cycleway for those wanting to take longer journeys on a safe off-road cycleway.

Mount Sheridan Plaza

The largest commercial enterprise in the suburb is the shopping plaza located in the heart of the suburb. Consequently, many local people are employed at the various shops and outlets in the plaza. Indeed the plaza was constructed early this century and has modern facilities.

Today the Plaza has both a Coles and a Woolworths, as well as a K-Mart and gym. In addition there are medical services, a food court and an Australia Post Office.

The plaza also has underground parking, which is incredibly important, especially during the summer months.

Mt Sheridan Plaza Cairns
Mt Sheridan Plaza Cairns

Mount Sheridan Medical

Located at 6-8 George Cannon Drive, Mount Sheridan Medical Centre includes general practitioners offering the full range of your medical needs.

There is also a pharmacy and pathology service co-located in the centre.

Mt Sheridan Hotel

The Mount Sheridan Hotel, or more accurately described, the Mt Sheridan Tavern, is a hidden gem. Mt Sheridan Tavern offers high quality meals and a relaxing dining experience.

The cosy indoor dining area seats up to 70 people, and is a great place for small functions and family gatherings. There is a children’s area and the ever present gaming machines for those who enjoy a punt. 

Mount Sheridan Cairns hotel
Mount Sheridan Cairns

Mount Sheridan Cemetery

Located on the corner of Hardy Rd and Foster Rd, in the heart of the suburb is the Forest View Cemetery. This is a law cemetery with three burial options.

  • Available options
    • Lawn Plaque
    • Lawn Plaque on Beam
    • Mausoleum Section

The cemetery is owned and managed by Cairns Regional Council.

Mount Sheridan Cairns History

As urban development spread south it engulfed the country town of White Rock. In 2001, following consultation with residents the suburb of Mount Sheridan was formally named of the west White Rock area.

It was named after the ‘Mount Sheridan’ peak, which was named by George Dalrymple in 1873 after Brinsley Sheridan, the Police Magistrate in Cardwell.

The peak includes the headwaters of Gordon Creek, and is 4 kilometres west of Woree.

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