Wrights Creek

Wrights Creek
Wrights Creek
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Wrights Creek

Wrights Creek is a locality in tropical Far North Queensland, Australia. Positioned just south of Cairns, it is half way between the towns of Edmonton and Gordonvale.


The area lies with in the traditional lands of the Yidinji people, the traditional owners of the land.

Wrights Creek butchers cart
Wrights Creek butchers cart

Following the arrival of europeans, two brothers, the Wrights brothers, brought cattle to the area in 1878. That is how the area subsequently earned its name.

Wright’s Creek Provisional School began classes on 8 October 1894. The school was renamed in 1909 to Wright’s Creek State School. However, it was closed in 1953.

Packers Camp

Packers Camp is a locality in the Cairns Region, Queensland, Australia. The locality is bounded by Pine Creek (north); Pine Creek Yarrabah Rd (eastern and south); and Mackey Creek (west). boundary. Simmonds Creek traverses the locality from south to north. All of these creeks become tributaries of the Redbank Creek which flows into Trinity Inlet and then to the sea at Cairns City.

Wrights Creek - Packers Camp Boat Ramp
Wrights Creek – Packers Camp Boat Ramp

The Packers Camp boat ramp is now suited to all tides, featuring four lanes and a floating walkway catering for the local fishing and recreational community. The ramp and floating walkway has improved safety and accessibility through improved boat launching and retrieve operations and better access for pedestrians.

Local Government

The area lies within Division 1 of the Local Government Municipality of Cairns Regional Council. The local Councillor, first elected in 2016 is Cr. Brett Moller.

State Politics

This area is located in the state Electorate of Mulgrave in the Queensland Parliament. Indeed, this electorate was first created in 1950 for the election held that year.

Cycle and Pedestrian Access

The suburb connects to the Cairns Southern Access Cycleway for those wanting to use a safe off-road cycleway.

Wrights Creek FAQs

What is the post code for wrights creek?

The post code for this area is 4869.

What is the population of Wrights Creek?

The population is around 200 people.

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