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Ficus Umbellata Care

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Ficus Umbellata Care

The rare, exotic Ficus umbellata is the perfect addition to any garden. Learn more about this tropical plant and how to care for it!

Native to Tropical Africa this tree grows very well in the wet tropics. It is a large, slow-growing plant that prefers partial shade and moist, porous soil. It is important to choose a planting site with well-draining soil and adequate sun exposure.

Ficus Umbellata Indoor Care

Inside, the Ficus Umbellata prefers to have bright light. When you find a good position for your plant, keep them in the one spot if at all possible. Unlike many other ficus, it does not like being moved around.

Additionally, it should be protected from extreme temperatures to prevent damage or death of the plant.

ficus umbellata care
Ficus Umbellata Care

Watering Ficus Umbellata

Allow the top of the soil to dry out between watering. The plant likes a big drenching in the shower fortnightly, as opposed to regular small waterings.

During the dry season (cooler months), you may only need to water monthly. However, do not leave it sitting in water for more than a few hours.

Fertilising Ficus Umbellata

Feed your plant with slow-release fertiliser at the start of the wet season (Spring).

During the humid wet season, you can feed your plant monthly with a balanced organic liquid fertiliser. This will keep it lush and green.


Pruning may be necessary from time to time. When pruning, remember the stalks and leaves of ficus plants will discharge a white sap. This is considered toxic and can cause a skin rash, so wear gloves. This sap can be toxic for pets as well. 

Thanks for reading about ficus umbellata and best wishes with your ficus care.

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