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ficus shivereana care

Ficus Shivereana Care

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Ficus Elastica Shivereana

Ficus shivereana care is important for this attractive hybrid to flourish. Indeed, we want you to enjoy its bright green leaves with dark green specs and pink new growth.

This plant is native to tropical regions, having originated in the rainforests of South East Asia.

Ficus Shivereana Care


This plant performs best in medium to bright indirect sunlight. Please note that is ‘indirect’ sunlight.

However, placing this plant in direct sunlight runs the very real risk of burning the leaves of the plant.

When placed in correct light and properly cared for, this plant will reach 2 metres in height and grow approximately 1 metre in width.

ficus shivereana care
Ficus Shivereana Care


We find more damage is done in ficus shivereana care by overwatering than under-watering. Indeed over-watering can lead to serious issues for your plant, including fungal infections, leaf drop and root rot. So the best way to proceed is to poke your finger into the top 5cm (2in) of soil. So if it feels wet, do not water!

Also water less during winter or the ‘dry season’ in the tropics.


50% humidity is perfect for ficus shivereana care. When choosing a spot for this ficus, keep it away from air-conditioners, heaters or other devices that may dry out the air.

Misting with a spray is very popular. However, ficus absorb most water through their roots, not their leaves. So the best way to provide humidity for your plants is through watering the soil.


You should fertilise monthly during the wet season (spring and summer). However, your plant should be fine without fertiliser for the remainder of the year.

Ficus Shivereana Care FAQs

Is the ficus shivereana toxic for pets?

If your cat or dog eat this plant it will make them sick.

What soil is best?

For the best ficus shivereana care you should choose well draining soil that is loaded with organic matter.

Is the ficus shivereana also known by other names?

This plant is also referred to as then ficus elastica Shivereana or as the variegated rubber plant.

Pruning and Pets

If you need to prune this plant, we encourage you to do so during the dry season or winter months when the plant is dormant. You may also want to wear gloves as this ficus can omit a latex sap that can irritate your skin.

The sap is also toxic to pets, so if your pets are ‘muncher’ keep your ficus out of their reach.

All the best with your Ficus Shivereana Care.

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