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ficus audrey care

Ficus Audrey Care

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Ficus Audrey

Ficus Audrey care is important for this plant with broad, veiny leaves and a sculptured tree look. It is also known as the banyan tree. Indeed this is the national tree of India and loves a warm, humid climate. Consequently it will grow to 5-10 ft (1.5-3m). indoors and a massive 65-100 ft (20-30m) outside.

Ficus Audrey Care

This is an easy plant to care for without having to do too much. It is a great ficus for beginners to grow.

ficus audrey care
Ficus Audrey Care


This plant prefers bright indirect sunlight. So in placing this plant in direct sunlight for long periods, you run a risk of burning the leaves of the plant. It would need to be acclimated to long periods of direct sun. Also remember that it will not tolerate low light conditions.


When it comes to ficus audrey care we find more damage is done by overwatering than under-watering. Indeed, over-watering can lead to serious issues for your plant, including fungal infections and root rot. Hence the best way to proceed is to poke your finger into the top 5cm (2in) of soil. So if it feels wet, do not water!

Good ficus audrey care also means less water during winter or the ‘dry season’ in the tropics. While overwatering is often an issue, obviously you don’t want your plant to dry out completely. Indeed if this will happens, it could result in leaf drop.


As mentioned, this tree loves a warm, humid environment. It is highly suitable to grow in the tropics. However, with so many buildings running air-conditioning, you need to be careful your indoor environment is not too cool and dry for this plant.

If your plant starts showing indications it is drying out (ie. browning edges on the leaves) try placing it in a humid room such as a bathroom or laundry.


For maximum results you should fertilise during the wet season. We apply a slow release fertiliser at the start of the wet (spring) and then apply an organic liquid fertiliser monthly during the remainder of the warm growing season.

Ficus Audrey Care FAQs

Should I rotate my ficus?

You should rotate your plant periodically to ensure even growth on all sides.

Should I move ficus audrey around the house?

Do not move this plant just for the sake of it. Once you find a good spot, leave it there. Indeed it may start to drop leaves if you move it around too much. Good ficus audrey care is keeping it where it is.

Is the ficus audrey known by other names?

This plant is also known by other names. The botanical name for this plant is the Ficus benghalensis. It is also known as the strangler fig, but most commonly it is known as the banyan tree.ficus audrey care

Thank you or reading and all the best with your ficus audrey care.

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