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ficus burgundy care

Ficus Burgundy Care Guide

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Ficus Elastica Burgundy

Ficus Burgundy care provides for a very attractive indoor plant. Indeed it has glossy looking leaves which range from burgundy red to an almost black colour.

While this plant originated in the rainforests of India (and is referred to by some as the India rubber plant), it survives happily in indoor environments around the world.


Good ficus burgundy care means locating this plant in a bright spot that enjoys good light. However do not place it in direct sunlight as this will run the risk of burning the leaves.


In summer, water the ficus burgundy enough to keep the soil moist, but let it dry out somewhat between waters. As soon as it has dried out, you water again. Indeed this is a most crucial aspect of your ficus burgundy care.

Furthermore, during winter, when the plant is not actively growing, you can apply slightly less water.

Misting with a spray is very popular. However, ficus absorb most water through their roots, not their leaves. So the best way to provide humidity for your plants is through watering the soil. However, make sure here are enough holes in the bottom to allow excess water to freely drain out and away from the plant’s roots.

ficus burgundy care
Ficus Burgundy Care

Humidity for Ficus Burgundy Care

This tree loves a warm, humid environment making it highly suitable to grow in the tropics. However, keep it away from air-conditioners, heaters and other appliances that may dry-out the air.


For the best results you should fertilise during the wet season (spring and summer) but not during the remaining more dominant part of the year.

Administer a good slow release fertiliser at the start of spring and monthly doses of liquid fertiliser during the warmer growing season.

Ficus Burgundy Care FAQs

What are other names for the Ficus Burgundy?

This plant, properly known as the Ficus Elastica Burgundy is also known as Abidjan or Black Prince.

Is the ficus burgundy toxic for pets?

If your cat or dog eat this plant it will make them sick.

What is the best temperature for the ficus burgundy?

The best temperature for this plant indoors is 18.5 – 25 degrees celcius.

Finally, we thanks for reading and all the best with your ficus burgundy care.

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