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Ficus Benjamina Care

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Ficus Benjamina

Ficus Benjamina is very popular due to its tolerance of poor growing conditions and its suitability as a beautiful indoor plant.

This attractive plant has slender branches that arch out from a light grey trunk, with dense, glossy dark leaves. Most indoor plants improve air quality. However, the benjamina is particularly good at it, known to be quite good at filtering formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene.

Ficus Benjamina Height

Left to grow outdoors in a tropical environment these trees can reach up to 18 metres (60ft) in height.

Ficus Benjamina Care

This plant does not like being moved around the home. Moving them can give them a shock and this can cause it to drop leaves. So find it a good spot and stick to it.


Do not place your plant in direct sunlight. It is happy under bright indirect or filtered light.

Some shade is okay, however you need to be careful, because if the light levels are too low then your plant will start shedding leaves. 

Ficus Benjamina Care FAQs

What are other names for ficus benjamina?

This plant is also known as the benjamin ficus or weeping fig. Some stores sell this plant simply as ficus.

What is the best temperature for the ficus benjamina?

This plant will survive in temperatures from 15 to 30 degrees Celsius.

Should I repot my ficus benjamina?

When kept it indoors, you should repot your plant every year.


This is a tropical plant, so it likes it humid. Make sure you keep this one away from air conditioning units or vents. You don’t want it to dry out or be shocked with sudden changes in temperature.

ficus benjamina
Ficus Benjamina


You can feed your ficus benjamina a slow-release fertiliser at the start of the wet season (spring). In addition, apply doses of organic liquid fertiliser on a monthly basis.


This plant is often admired for its ‘little tree’ like appearance. Pruning is rarely required, but if you want to prune off some dead or unsightly benches it is best to do so during winter when the plant is dormant.

This plant is also toxic to any of your pets should they decide to munch on it. So keep it out of reach of pets and all the best with your ficus benjamina care.

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