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Ficus Bambino Care Guide

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About Ficus Bambino

Ficus Bambino care for this dwarf version of the fiddle leaf fig will ensure success. This plant has firm broad leaves with a curvy edge, similar in shape of a violin, hence the name ‘fiddle leaf’. The smaller size of the bambino makes it a wonderful indoor house plant.

Ficus Bambino Care Indoors


This ficus likes a bright spot, but one that does not receive direct sunlight. Hence putting this plant in direct sunlight runs the risk of burning the leaves.

When placed in the correct light and cared for this ficus will grow to approximately 1 metre in height.

Ficus Bambino Care Watering

When it comes to ficus bambino care, how much you water is important. However, over-watering can lead to serious issues for your plant, including fungal infections and root rot.

The best way to proceed is to poke your finger into the top 5cm (2in) of soil. So if it feels wet, do not water! Also water less during winter or the ‘dry season’ in the tropics.

You can either top-water or bottom water your plants. Top watering speaks for itself. Indeed, you simply apply water from the top via a shower or watering-can. Water the ficus throughly until water comes out of bottom.

Bottom watering is where you water potted plants from the bottom up. Consequently, you need a container large enough to hold the plant’s pot and cover it half-way up. You fill it with water and then place your pots into the water-filled container.

Good ficus bambino care means not overwatering. When bottom-watering, 10 to 25 minutes soaking should be more than adequate.

ficus bambino care
Ficus Bambino Care


This plant loves humidity. When choosing a spot for this plant, keep it away from air-conditioners, heaters or other devices that may dry out the air. If your plant starts showing indications it is drying out, place it in a humid room (such as a bathroom or laundry) for a while.

Ficus Bambino Care – Fertilising

We apply a slow release fertiliser at the beginning of the tropical ‘wet season’ and give the plant monthly doses of liquid fertiliser each month during the wet season. We do not fertilise during our winter or ‘dry season’.

Ficus Bambino Care FAQ’s

What are other names for the ficus bambino?

It is also referred to as ‘ficus lyrata bambino’ or as the ‘fiddle leaf fig’.

Where does the ficus bambino come from?

Like all fiddle leaf fig trees, the ficus bambino was originally found in West Africa.

Are there health benefits to having this plant?

This plants fiddle-shaped leaves make it efficient in converting CO2 into Oxygen. There is increasing research to show that some houseplants such as ficus lyrata can also help to remove harmful gasses from the air in your home.


Prune your ficus during the dry season (winter) when the plant is dormant.

When pruning, remember the stalks and leaves of ficus plants will discharge a white sap. This is considered toxic and can cause a skin rash, so wear gloves. Also remember this sap can be toxic for pets as well. 

Good luck with your ficus bambino care.

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